Beer Battered Fish Sandwich


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Crispy Beer Battered Fish Sandwich


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Beer Battered Fish

Crispy Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

  • Author: Cooking with Shotgun Red


You’ve gotta try this delicious recipe for Crispy Homemade Beer Battered Fish Sandwich. Flaky white fish fillets dipped in a beer batter and fried to perfection, on a toasted Artesano bun with all the fixins. Check out Steve’s Homemade KFC Coleslaw recipe on Cooking with Shotgun Red!


6  Cod Fillets (or your choice of white fish)

3  Cups All-Purpose Flour (divided)

¼ Cup Cornstarch

4  Tsp. Old Bay Seasoning

½ Tsp. Baking Powder

1 Cup Cold Beer

Vegetable Oil (for frying)

Artesano Bakery Buns


Bread & Butter Pickles (thinly sliced stackers)

Steve’s Homemade KFC Coleslaw 


Steve’s Tartar Sauce Recipe:

1½ Cups Mayonnaise

Cup Sweet Pickle Relish (drained)

½ Cup finely diced Sweet Onions

1 Tsp. Mustard

½ Tsp. Lemon Juice

½ Tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

Dash of Cajun Seasoning

Mix all ingredients together and chill until ready to serve.


In a shallow bowl, add 1 cup all-purpose flour. Then dredge each fish fillet in the flour, place on a plate and let set for about 10 minutes.

Make a beer batter. In a bowl, add 2 cups all-purpose flour, cornstarch,  Old Bay Seasoning, and baking powder, and mix together.  Slowly add very cold beer and stir until the batter is like the consistency of pancake batter (may need to add a little more beer to get to the right consistency).

In a deep fry pan on medium heat, add vegetable oil (about 1½ inch deep) and heat it to 350 degrees. Dip each flour-coated fish fillet, one at a time, into the beer batter.  Then place in the frying pan and cook about 2 – 3 minutes per side, or until golden brown on both sides (only fry a few fillets at a time so the pan is not overcrowded).  Then place them on a plate lined with paper towels.

Split open each bun and lightly spread mayonnaise on the inside of both halves. Then place each half face down on a griddle on medium heat and toast until light golden brown.

Spread tartar sauce on each of the bottom buns, then put a couple of thinly sliced sandwich pickles, then a fried fish fillet, a heaping spoonful of coleslaw, and then the top of the bun. Serve and enjoy the Best Beer Battered Fish Sandwich you’ve ever eaten!