Miss Sheila

MISS SHEILA has been Steve Hall & Shotgun Red’s right hand Girl for the past 11 years. She was Steve Hall’s co-host on the Shotgun Red Variety Show on RFD TV for four seasons. Miss Sheila’s witty banter and southern charm kept audiences laughing. Miss Sheila did everything from handing out Shotgun Red Dolls to being part of the juggling or magic acts on the show! She was also the co-producer of the Shotgun Red Variety TV show. 

Since moving to Nashville in 1989, Miss Sheila has appeared in several music videos and small movie parts. She joined the Shotgun Red Road Show about in 2007 and performed on stage around the country and aboard the General Jackson doing comedy bits and even singing on occasion.

Miss Sheila and Steve sing a song

In 2015 Steve Hall and Miss Sheila created the popular Youtube Channel, “Cooking with Shotgun Red” and she was his sidekick until Steve Hall passed away in December of 2018. Miss Sheila and her new co-host long time Shotgun Red Show vocalist and friend, Jennifer Bruce (or as Steve would call them She She & Jen Jen) have continued cooking and filming new recipes that audiences are loving.