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Wonderful recipes from wonderful people.


As a longtime watcher of the Cooking with Shotgun Red YouTube show, I've seen many of these recipes being created on the channel. They fulfill two of the biggest criteria for a recipe for me, easy to make and delicious.A lot of these recipes are simple, down home, comfort food. I've tried a few from the cooking channel and when I heard about the recipe book coming out I knew I had to get it.


The amount of love that was put into the show by Steve really shows and the continuing of it by Miss Sheila and Jen Jen.

k. weese

Beautiful – Colorful Easy to Follow Directions and Fabulous Recipes!


Beautiful. Colorful. Easy to follow directions. Diverse recipes. From old-fashioned feel good yummy to amazing dessert recipes. It's all in this Cookbook. Thanks Shotgun Red and Miss Sheila and Jennifer. Love watching your You Tube Cooking Shows and thrilled that you have now published this cookbook! From our table to yours! Salute!

J. A.

Woohoo! It not only oughta be, It IS the best cookbook!


I’ve been waiting for this baby to come:) Love Steve on Cooking with Shotgun Red, love having the gals and especially Miss Sheila carrying on the tradition. It’s great having the pictures and recipes that I can easily make, right at my fingertips. This cookbook is a great companion to the YouTube channel Cooking with Shotgun Red. If you want even MORE great homey recipes, tune in. Thanks ladies, keep cookin’!


Cooking with Shotgun Red” is a popular cooking show on YouTube created by, hunter, fisher, trapper, trader, guide, scout, interpreter, and just a country cook, Steve Hall “Shotgun Red”. This cookbook features over one hundred color pages of some of the best down-home country cooking and classic recipes that everyone loves. It has appetizers, breakfast, casseroles, chili, soups, stews, dinner-time favorites, veggies, salads, dressings, and desserts! Cooking with Shotgun Red has easy, delicious recipes that anyone can make at home.

The popular YouTube Channel, “Cooking with Shotgun Red”, was created by television personality, entertainer, musician, comedian, and creator of the world-famous Shotgun Red character, Steve Hall. He started filming the cooking show in 2014 aboard the Miss Sheila Houseboat in Nashville, Tennessee.

Steve opened every show with his famous quote, “Hunter, fisher, trapper, trader, guide, scout, interpreter, and just a country cook, Steve Hall”, and closed every show with, “Is this the best? If it ain’t… it ought to be!”. Before Steve Hall passed away in December 2018, he had uploaded 307 recipes to the Cooking with Shotgun Red channel. Since his passing, people around the world are still discovering all of these great recipes as Cooking with Shotgun Red continues to grow each year.

Steve’s wish was to make sure his cooking show kept going. After his passing, Steve’s co-host, and fiancé, Miss Sheila, decided to carry on his legacy. Sheila asked their longtime friend, and Shotgun Red band member, Jennifer Bruce to help and be her new co-host. Jennifer worked with Steve in the Shotgun Red show for over 14 years. She was a featured vocalist in his stage show, managed the “Shotgun Red Variety Show” for RFDTV, and was a longtime friend to both of them. Miss Sheila and Jennifer are creating new shows, sharing new recipes, entertaining folks, and continuing to share Steve’s love of cooking. Steve started this cookbook, but never had an opportunity to complete it. Miss Sheila and Jennifer decided to finish Steve’s cookbook and share some of the best Cooking with Shotgun Red recipes! He would be so proud!

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