Jennifer Bruce - Vocalist, Entertainer, Co-host of Cooking with Shotgun Red

Jennifer Bruce

Professional vocalist, songwriter, entertainer, and co-host of the cooking show, Cooking with Shotgun Red.

How it all began

In 2003 Jennifer Bruce became a featured vocalist for Steve Hall and the Shotgun Red Show. A native Californian, she relocated to Nashville to pursue her music career. A mutual friend, Delores Lafollet of Minnesota, gave Steve Hall Jennifer’s CD to listen to.  As soon as he heard it, he picked up the phone to call Jennifer and asked her to do the benefit concert for Camp Confidence in Minnesota with him. Steve would always tell everyone, “She flew out from California on her own dime and did this benefit show. She brought her Mom and Dad and her Mom sang harmony with her.” Jennifer ended up closing the show and received a standing ovation. He asked her a few months later if she wanted to come sing at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop Theater in Nashville with him, and the rest is history.

She became a permanent member of the Shotgun Red Show. Jennifer’s ability to do vocal impressions of country greats and other genres made her a natural fit with his country comedy variety show and was featured in every show along with Roger Francis, his longtime impressionist, vocalist, and guitar player. Jennifer traveled all over the country with Steve’s show and performed aboard the General Jackson Showboat in Nashville, TN.  Over the years, Jennifer assisted Steve as a road manager and also managed the Shotgun Red Variety Show for RFDTV. The Shotgun Red band members and booking agents would always say, “Jennifer was the glue”.

Cooking with Shotgun Red

When Miss Sheila was encouraged by many fans to keep the Cooking with Shotgun Red shows going, she couldn’t think of a better person than Jennifer to help and be her new sidekick.  Since joining Miss Sheila on Cooking with Shotgun Red, the channel has continued to grow and has gained many new fans.

Jennifer Bruce still enjoys performing many styles of music. Over the years she has performed everything from Country, Big Band, Blues, Jazz and more. She still performs with her group DejaNu and other groups. She performed 2 sold out shows with the longest running Big Band in Nashville “The Establishment” at the Franklin Theater in 2019. You can watch some of Jennifer’s performances below. 

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